How to Kill a Great App in 3 Easy Steps

Drew Lowe
5 min readAug 16, 2023

Evernote is the Godfather of notetaking apps. Since 2004, this beloved app has been renowned for it’s raw simplicity, ease of use, rapid workflow, and thoughtful 2-tier organization structure. Very few productivity apps have such a successful 20 year run. Yet, Evernote did.

But… We need to talk about the giant green elephant in the room. Evernote is a dying app. Since Bending Spoons acquired the app in January 2023, it seems to me they have been driving the knife even deeper into the heart of a dying — once upon a time, great — application.

Real footage of Bending Spoons spraying all Evernote users with an 80% price hike.

Whether you are an avid note-taker like me who is saddened by the decline of one of your favorite apps or you are simply seeking to understand what happened that made a former market leader fall so deep in the dumps, there is value to be gained from looking at how this app went so far downhill, so fast. This isn’t a polemic. I still have an Evernote subscription as I write this article, and I’ve loved the app for years. But it is time to jump ship because the app is officially ruined by shortsighted management and a lack of innovation.

There is value to be gained from looking at how this app…